Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chod aaye hum woh galiyaan - With KB

Here is my second collaboration with KB, who is an excellent singer. Honored to work with him!

This is one of Vishal Bharadwaj's earliest published compositions and which created a ripple among music lovers at that time. This song is from a strongly themed movie directed by none other than Gulzar saab and was also much critically acclaimed. The song fitted into the movie so well. This is a humble attempt at what we could deliver of the beautiful song.

Song : Chod Aye hum
Movie : Maachis
Music : Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics : Gulzar
Cover By : KB & Ajeesh

Chhod Aaye Hum Vo Galiyaan Jahan Tere Pairon Ke Kawal Gira Karte Thay
Hanse To Do Gaalon Mein Bhanvar Pada Karte Thay
Teri Kamar Ke Bal Pe Nadi Muda Karti Thi
Hansi Teri Sun Sunke Phasal Paka Karti Thi
Chhod Aaye Hum Vo Galiyaan …
O Jahan Teri Edi Se Dhoop Uda Karti Thi
Suna Hai Us Chaukhat Pe Ab Shaam Raha Karti Hai
Laton Se Uljhi Lipti Ek Raat Hua Karti Thi
Kabhi Kabhi Takiya Pe Vo Bhi Mila Karti Thi
Chhod Aaye Hum Vo Galiyaan …
Dil Dard Ka Tukda Hai Patthar Ki Dali Si Hai
Ek Andha Kuan Hai Ya Ak Band Gali Si Hai
Ek Chhota Sa Lamha Hai Jo Khatm Nahin Hota
Main Laakh Jalata Hoon Ye Bhasm Nahin Hota
Ye Bhasm Nahin Hota
Chhod Aaye Hum Vo Galiyaan …

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